• 22.11.
    13-15 CET / 14-16 EET

    Scientific Coffee: A Regenerative Approach to Forestry: Insights from the Indigenous Culture Kogi

    Within the Scientific Coffee “Human-Forest-Relationships” we present:

    Input: Mónica Hernández Morcillo, Eberswalde University of Sustainable Development

    Title: A Regenerative Approach to Forestry: Insights from the Indigenous Culture Kogi

    Today, as the multiple planetary crises converge irrupting our daily life and threatening our existence, we are increasingly becoming aware of our interdependence with nature. A core cause of the unprecedented degradation of the planet lies in our perceptions as separated from nature. As the changing environment emerges, we are faced with the urgent challenge of finding new ways of inhabiting and regenerating the planet. Yet, most of the current efforts are dedicated to researching and transforming the external world of policies, economies, or ecosystems, overlooking other important sources of knowledge. In this context, to reach new answers, an exchange between indigenous and scientific knowledge as well a transferences from global South to global North is urgently needed. The Kogi are one of the last civilisations on the American continent to have their cultural and spiritual identity at a quasi pre-Columbian level to this day. They hold a deep understanding of the interrelationships in nature that we, with our scientific methods are beginning to understand. This enables them to assess the effects of human interventions in nature and makes them an invaluable ally in the search for effective and motivating sustainable pathways for the future of forestry.

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    22.11.2023 13-15 CET / 14-16 EET