BIOMATERIALITIES — biophysical qualities of production and the transformation of work, care and politics

Institution: Department of Agricultural Economics, Agriculture and Food Policy Division, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany

Project Coordinators: Dr. Sarah Hackfort and Dr. Miriam Boyer

BIOMATERIALITIES focuses on the biophysical material qualities that bioeconomies are based on. These include the reproductive qualities of nature in bio-based economic activities such as agriculture, and the various uses of biotechnologies that characterize bioeconomies. We are interested in analyzing how these material transformations interact with changing social relations in production, reproduction and politics. Three crosscutting issues— Sustainability, inequality and political participation— complement our analysis.

The research group will approach this work by mapping commodity networks of several key industries in both traditional and High-Tech bioeconomies. Theoretical approaches for analyzing the networks include political economy, political ecology, economics of care, radical geography and feminist theory.