Meat The Bioeconomy — The meat industry as part of the bioeconomy: internationalisation, labour geographies and hegemonic strategies

Institution: Institute of Geography, Department of Earth System Sciences, University of Hamburg, Germany

Project Leader: Christin Bernhold
Team: Emilia Ormaechea, Klara Kolhoff, Marwaa Zazai, Christian Stache, John Lütten

While global meat production is projected to grow, it has become a hotspot of social debates and conflicts regarding working conditions, the treatment of animals, ecological and health effects, among other issues. In this context, the interdisciplinary junior research group Meat The Bioeconomy focusses on meat industry strategies in different sustainability-related fields: Six doctoral and post-doctoral researchers analyse corporate strategies actions with a view to internationalisation, labour geographies, politics and culture. Guided by critical approaches to political economy, sociology of labour, geographic inequality, hegemony and state theory, they examine the formation of these strategies in relation to state and civil society actors, as well as their implications with regard to sustainable production, reproduction and consumption.