• 19.04.

    Workshop about Africa-EU bioeconomy at the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018

    STRIVE project leader Jan Börner and senior researcher Jan Janosch Förster enagage in interdisciplinary scientific dialogues on the topic of Africa-EU bioeconomy at the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018, on April 19, 2018 in Berlin.

    An interactive workshop on the bioeconomy region of Africa aims to create an engaging platform to discuss strategies for bioeconomy development in Africa and to highlight opportunities for international collaboration in bioeconomy development. Topical questions include: what are the challenges involved from a regional perspective? And what are potential starting points for a deepened cooperation between European and African bioeconomy regions? Broadening our perspective, we also aim to address challenges and opportunities for integrating African bioeconomy regions into a global bioeconomy while using the SDGs as global sustainability safeguards.

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