• 13.04.
    14:00 - 16:00

    Food for Justice

    Veröffentlichung Forschungsbericht zu Ernährungssicherheit in Zeiten von Covid-19 in Brasilien

    Präsentation: Renata Motta (FU Berlin), Milene Pessoa (UFMG), Lúcio Rennó (UnB) und Melissa de Araújo (UFMG)
    Debatte: Tereza Campello (USP) und Elisabetta Recine (UnB)
    Moderation: Marco Antonio Teixeira (FU Berlin) und Eryka Galindo (FU Berlin)

    Die Veranstaltung findet in portugiesischer Sprache statt und es wird keine Simultanübersetzung geben.


  • 19.01.
    18:00 - 20:00

    Food for Justice

    Berlin Brazil Dialogue | Urban-Rural Relations Between Agroexport and Food Sovereignty

    Digital Event Series „Brazil in Multiple Crisis Mode“ more

  • 09.12.
    09:00 - 12:00

    Food for Justice

    „Food Inequalities: Power, Politics & Pesticides“ Workshop in Berlin

    Pesticides offer “food for thought” in understanding various dimensions of food inequalities: environmental chemical contamination and health problems affecting farm workers and nearby communities, environmental racism, the loss of biodiversity, and the contribution to climate change through fossil-fuel-based chemicals. Struggles around pesticides are characterized by knowledge asymmetries vis-à-vis- its safety and gendered politicisation, as women usually assume the burden to care for the sick and fight contamination. Global inequalities are expressed in the fact that most of the hazardous pesticides are prohibited in its producing countries but sold in developing ones. This workshop will discuss research findings of Larissa Bombardi, Renato Balbim and Renata Motta. We will examine the possibilities of interdisciplinary research on pesticides and beyond.

    Further information here:

  • 07.06.

    2nd status meeting of the research program „Bioeconomy as Societal Change“

    At the second status meeting of the research program “Bioeconomy as Societal Change” previous work and already existing results will be presented by the four junior research groups. The second meeting focuses on concrete project progress and intermediate statuses.

  • 09.05.

    1st national meeting of the research program “Bioeconomy as Societal Change”

    The four research groups within the funding program “Bioeconomy as Societal Change” met on May 2017 in Berlin to present their project, to network and to exchange ideas. The discussions covered challenges of interdisciplinary research, methods and theories, within the area of bioeconomy and societal transformation research.

    The first status meeting was held the 9th of May at the Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and was organized by the Project Management Jülich (PTJ) and supported by the BMBF. more