• 04.01.

    Lilian Pungas Speaks about Sufficiency, Degrowth, and Social-Ecological Transformation in the Bioeconomy at the Bioökonomieforum

    Lilian Pungas was invited to present her flumen research at the Bioeconomy Forum 2023 on December 5, 2023 in the thematic block “Beyond renunciation and promise? Futures of the bioeconomy”. In her presentation “Sufficiency-oriented examples of the bioeconomy – lessons learned from the periphery?”, she addressed sufficiency, degrowth and socio-ecological transformation in relation to the bioeconomy, referring to sub-topics and actors of current bioeconomy strategies that have so far remained invisible. With her case study, she also illustrated that a sufficiency-oriented bioeconomy is usually linked to the question of the good life. Finally, she also emphasized that (eco-)feminist debates and criticism have not been sufficiently (if at all) taken into account in the current German bioeconomy.

    Her presentation can be downloaded from the Bioeconomy Forum website.