• 03.02.

    Bioeconomy & Inequalities

    Presentation (in German): „Die sozial-ökologischen Folgen der Bioökonomie am Beispiel Argentinien“ by Anne Tittor

    Presentation in the context of the workshop „Perspektivwechsel Bioökonomie: Wissenschaftler*innen und Verbände im Dialog“, organised by BUND, IÖW and denkhausbremen in the course of the Science Year Bioeconomy 2020/21

  • 15.12.


    Research by STRIVE & Partners supported European Parliament

    Research by STRIVE & Partners on carbon footprint of EU soy imports supported European Parliament resolution on legal framework to halt EU-driven global deforestation.

  • 09.12.


    Circulus group as „Biopioniere“

    Circulus group as „Biopioniere“ in a video, a portrait and a podcast about pioneering research and development related to this year’s „Wissenschaftsjahr 2020“.

  • 02.12.

    Food for Justice

    Covid-19 and food: New Case Study in Germany and Brazil

    Due to the extensive impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on food security and sovereignty and the global food system, the Food for Justice research group has decided to include an additional case study on these new dynamics in the research project.

    The aim is to observe the acute and long-term consequences of the pandemic in Germany and Brazil and to draw comparisons of similarities and differences between the global South and North, with a particular focus on alternative strategies of resistance by social movements and producers in Brazil on the one hand and the unequal conditions and marginalization of migrants in the German production system on the other.

    The survey in Brazil started on November 20, 2020.

    Find more information here:

  • 01.12.

    Bioeconomy & Inequalities

    Presentation (in German): „Die Politische Ökologie der Energiewende(n) in Lateinamerika: Akteure, Konflikte, Ungleichheiten“ by Rosa Lehmann and Fabricio Rodríguez

    Online-Presentation organised by the Forschungsverbund Lateinamerika of the Vienna University

  • 28.11.

    Bioeconomy & Inequalities

    Presentation (in German): „Was hat Klimaschutz mit Landrechten zu tun? Zu den gegenwärtigen Auseinandersetzungen um die wachsende Abholzungsrate im brasilianischen Amazonasgebiet“ by Maria Backhouse

    In the context of the following conference: 9. GSIK Tag – virtuelle studentische Tagung zu Nachhaltigkeit im Fokus globaler Gerechtigkeit (9th GSIK day – virtual student conference on sustainability in the focus of global equality).