• 14.04.

    Mentalities in flux (flumen)

    Call for Papers

    Special Issue on Promises of growth and sustainability in the bioeconomy

    Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2021

    In current debates about the future of modern societies, one concept is increasingly marshalled as providing an answer to multiple challenges: the bioeconomy. The dominant narrative makes the claim that shifting to a bioeconomy based on the flow of renewable energies and biological resources societies can achieve both: ‘green’ economic growth and a rapid phase-out of fossil fuels and resources, thus building a sustainable future.

    Bio-based economies rely on renewable materials only available within biophysical limits and dependent on cyclical regenerative processes that cannot be expanded and accelerated at will. It is thus disputable whether economic growth and the accumulation of ever-increasing amounts of energy and goods can continue in an economy based on renewable resources. Political actors and strategies often claim that the bioeconomy will bring far-reaching changes towards sustainability at all levels and in all sectors of society and individual lifestyles. At the same time, the concrete actions of key players in politics, science and industry seem to assume that the bioeconomy will allow them to continue with business as usual and avoid a turn away from the growth paradigm and techno-optimistic solutionism.

    The aim of this special issue is to shed light on the nexus of sustainability, technology and growth within the bioeconomy from multidisciplinary, critical and constructive perspectives. We invite empirical and/or conceptual contributions.

    More information: here

  • 17.02.

    Mentalities in flux (flumen)

    Field research in Finland and Estonia

    Lilian Pungas and Jana Holz, two of flumen employees and prospective doctoral students did their field research in Finland and Estonia in the late summer weeks.

    Read two short reports here.

  • 09.11.

    Mentalities in flux (flumen)

    Between growth criticism and high-tech strategy: the bioeconomy as a spark of hope?

    The contributions to the interdisciplinary workshop „It’s the (bio)economy, stupid! The future of growth and the promise of the bioeconomy“, 7th – 8th October 2020 in Jena, were diverse, many sessions dealt with topics related to the German bioeconomy strategy and its conceptual orientation and criticism, at the same time there were some contributions that took an international perspective on the bioeconomy. In all lectures, the contradictions and dilemmas inherent in bioeconomy with regard to the (im)possibility of sustainable economic growth were discussed.

    The workshop also offered the social science oriented junior research groups funded by the German Federal ministry of Education and Research the opportunity to network:

    „We as the BioKum research group benefited from the workshop insofar as we came into contact with many other topics that are relevant to bioeconomic futures and transformation processes. The critical look at the imagination of the circular economy, as portrayed by Mario Giampietro, brings new perspectives to our work and will certainly be a matter of concern for us. From my personal point of view, the discourse during the workshop showed that the bioeconomy is not a panacea for current social and ecological crises and that its definition is far from fully discussed. Critical scientific support is necessary here in order to meet the challenges of our time, such as climate change, social injustice, etc. Especially the different disciplines that came together during the workshop promise a lot of new findings.“ (Jonathan Friedrich, BMBF junior research group „BioKum“)

    With the exchange in the workshop, we received „interesting and constructive feedback on our own research project. Most of the discussions were about growth and positions of power. Various aspects were shown here, some of which were new to us. We were also interested in questions of transfer and social acceptance, such as how diffuse the understanding of bioeconomy in society is so far. The workshop helped us to gain new ideas and research approaches. We also benefit from networking – even though we participated online. We found the hybrid format very successful and will also take it with us as an idea in these times of the pandemic.“ (Madalena Meinecke, BMBF junior research group „Food for Justice: Power, Politics and Food Inequalities in a Bioeconomy“)

    Two exciting contributions can now also be heard and seen online: more

  • 16.04.

    Mentalities in flux (flumen)

    Call for Papers: It’s the (bio)economy, stupid! The future of growth and the promise of the bioeconomy

    Workshop from 7th – 8th October 2020, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany.

    The aim of our workshop is to discuss the relationships between the bioeconomy and economic growth from a multidisciplinary and global perspective. We want to foster an exchange between debates on the ecological and social implications of the bioeconomy and critical debates on sustainable growth, green growth and degrowth.

    We welcome contributions from different academic fields such as sociology, political ecology and economy, human and critical geography, social ecology, history, philosophy, economics etc. Contributions may be based on theoretical analyses, case studies, empirical investigations, comparative or in-depth studies.

    If you are interested in contributing to the workshop we invite you to submit an abstract of max. 500 words to until April 30th, 2020. Draft papers will be due September 18, 2020. Workshop discussions will be based on the draft papers, aiming to develop them further for a possible publication.

    More information: here

  • 04.01.

    Mentalities in flux (flumen)

    flumen im Fernsehen

    Der MDR interviewte Projektleiter Dennis Eversberg im Rahmen des Formates „Mission: Welt retten!“. Thema der Sendung ist, wie sich die Wirtschaft wandeln kann.

    Die komplette Folge ist in der MDR Mediathek abrufbar.

    flumen im Fernsehen

  • 10.11.

    Mentalities in flux (flumen)

    Forschungskolloquium „Nachhaltigkeit und gesellschaftliche Transformation“ im WiSe 2019/20

    Wir haben dieses Kolloquium im Wintersemester erstmals angeboten, um aktuelle Forschungsarbeiten zu sozial-ökologischen Themen vorzustellen und zu diskutieren. Es war auch als Anlauf- und Treffpunkt für Masterstudierende der Soziologie an der FSU Jena und andere sozial-ökologisch Interessierte gedacht. In den kommenden Semestern soll unter Beteiligung der weiteren an der Lehre in diesem Vertiefungsbereich beteiligten Arbeitsbereiche ein reguläres Kolloquiumsprogramm, auch mit Gastvorträgen, angeboten werden.


    Jana Holz und Lilian Pungas (flumen):
    Diverse Praktiken biobasierten Wirtschaftens in Finnlands und Estlands Land- und Forstwirtschaft.
    Erste Impressionen aus dem Feld.

    Exkursion zur Bioraffinerie von Südzucker in Zeitz
    Anmeldungen bis 25.10.2019 an (begrenzte Plätze!)

    Philip Koch (flumen):
    Gutes Leben und gute Bioökonomie in Ecuador?

    Mittwoch, 18.12.2019
    18-20, Großer Rosensaal*
    Mauricio Torres (Belem, Brasilien)
    Brennende Landschaften: Hintergründe und Ursachen der Feuer im Amazonas

    Anne Tittor (BioInequalities):
    Konflikte um die Bioethanol Produktion in Cordoba, Argentinien, aus einer Umweltgerechtigkeitsperspektive.

    Dennis Eversberg (flumen):
    Was sind und zu welchem Ende untersuchen wir Mentalitäten?