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Bioeconomy involves the use of biological resources, products, and principles in all economic sectors. Bioeconomic societal transformation is frequently proposed as a potential pathway to achieve sustainable development.

This webpage is maintained by social science oriented junior research groups supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the Program „Bioeconomy and Societal Change“. It aims at sharing research results and at informing about ongoing research activities and related events.

Latest news

  • 08.06.

    Start des Wissenschafts-Kunstprojektes „Bio Bio SUV“

    Ausstellungseröffnung & Diskussionsveranstaltung "Bioökonomie - und was hat das mit ...  more

  • 18.05.

    Workshops zu Essen und Ernährungssicherheit

    Am 19.05. und 20.05.2021 finden zwei Workshops zu Essen und Ernährungssicherheit in Berlin statt: 19.0 ...  more

  • 13.05.

    Call for Papers

    Special Issue on Promises of growth and sustainability in the bioeconomy Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2021 ...  more

Latest publications

  • Fossile Mentalitäten. Zur Geschichte der fossilen Durchdringung moderner Vorstellungswelten

    Büttner, Melissa und Matthias Schmelzer. 2021. Fossile Me ...  more

  • Deforestation reduces rainfall and agricultural revenues in the Brazilian Amazon

    Teixeira Leite-Filho, A., Silveira Soares-Filho, B., Leroy Davis, J., ...  more

  • Deconstructing the attractiveness of biocluster imaginaries

    Wilde, K. & Hermans, F. 2021. Deconstructing the attractiveness of biocluster imaginaries. ...  more

Latest events

  • 11.06.
    15:00 - 20:00

    Bioökonomie – und was hat das mit mir zu tun?

    Sebastian Jung Ausstellungseröffnung & Diskussionsveranstaltung Einladung zum ... Bio Bio SUV

  • 07.-09.06.

    IAMO Forum 2021: Agrifood systems in the bioeconomy

    Online conference The BMBF research groups: Bioeconomy and inequalities, Circul ...

  • 27.-28.05.
    18:00 - 20:00

    Online-Workshop „Contested Society-Nature-Relations. Forest related Emotions, Practices and Conflicts in Times of Societal Change“

    The Juni ... website