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Bioeconomy involves the use of biological resources, products, and principles in all economic sectors. Bioeconomic societal transformation is frequently proposed as a potential pathway to achieve sustainable development.

This webpage is maintained by social science oriented junior research groups supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the Program „Bioeconomy and Societal Change“. It aims at sharing research results and at informing about ongoing research activities and related events.

Latest news

  • 27.04.

    Presentation (online, in German): „China is turning the economic engines back on“ by Fabricio Rodríguez

    The daily life practices of societ ...  more

  • 21.04.

    Condemned to circularity: Thailand’s bioplastic industry development

    First set of results from field research summarized by STRIVE researcher Jan Jan ...  more

  • 16.04.

    Call for Papers: It’s the (bio)economy, stupid! The future of growth and the promise of the bioeconomy

    Workshop from 7th – 8th October 2020, Friedr ...  more

Latest publications

  • Spatially-explicit footprints of agricultural commodities: mapping carbon emissions embodied in Brazil’s soy exports

    Escobar, N., Tizado, E.J., zu Er ...  more

  • Exploring criteria for transformative policy capacity in South Africa’s Biodiversity Economy

    Förster, J.J., Downsborough, L., Biber-Freudenberge ...  more

  • Farm-level indicators for crop and landscape diversity derived from agricultural beneficiaries data

    Uthes, S., Kelly, E., König, H.J., 2020. Farm-leve ...  more

Latest events

  • 07.-08.10.

    Workshop about the future of growth and the promise of the bioeconomy in Jena, Germany

    The aim of the workshop is to discuss the relationships between ... more

  • 21.-22.09.

    Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Conference 2020 in Freiburg, Germany

    Hosted by the Chair of Societal Transition and Circular Economy, University of ... more

  • 18.02.

    DZHW colloquium on scientific collaboration in Berlin

    Milad Abbasiharofteh was invited to deliver a talk at the DZHW (German Centre for Higher Educatio ... more