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Bioeconomy involves the use of biological resources, products, and principles in all economic sectors. Bioeconomic societal transformation is frequently proposed as a potential pathway to achieve sustainable development.

This webpage is maintained by social science oriented junior research groups supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the Program „Bioeconomy and Societal Change“. It aims at sharing research results and at informing about ongoing research activities and related events.

Latest news

  • 21.02.

    Theresa Putzar-Sattler has joined the Trafobit team

    She will conduct her Master thesis on the relationship between the sectoral composition of bioclust ...  more

  • 03.02.

    Presenation at the 4th Geography of Innovation Conference in Barcelona

    At the beginning of February, Ram Kamath gave a presentation entitled “Transit ...  more

  • 26.11.

    Zweite Ausschreibungsrunde der BMBF-Nachwuchsgruppenförderung

    Mit der nachfolgenden Bekanntmachung eröffnet das BMBF die zweite Ausschreibungsrunde d ...  more

Latest publications

  • Book Review: Innovation regional development and the life sciences; beyond clusters by Kean Birch

    Hermans, F. 2018. Book Review: Innovation regional de ...  more

  • Umwelt – Die neue Einhegung der Natur

    Backhouse, M. 2018. Umwelt - Die neue Einhegung der Natur. In: Vogelpohl, Anne; Michel, Boris; Lebuhn, Henr ...  more

  • Life cycle and hydrologic modeling of rainwater harvesting in urban neighborhoods

    Petit-Boix A, Devkota J, Phillips R, Vargas-Parra MV, Josa A, Gabarre ...  more

Latest events

  • 06.-07.06.

    7th International Bioeconomy Conference 2018

    Frans Hermans will give a presentation during the 7th International Bioeconomy Conference 2018, in the Nat ... more

  • 19.04.

    Workshop about Africa-EU bioeconomy at the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018

    STRIVE project leader Jan Börner and senior researcher Jan Janosch Förster e ... more

  • 08.-10.03.

    3rd Biodiversity Economy Indaba in East London, South Africa

    Senior STRIVE researcher Jan Janosch Förster is participating at the 3rd Biodiversity Eco ... more