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Bioeconomy involves the use of biological resources, products, and principles in all economic sectors. Bioeconomic societal transformation is frequently proposed as a potential pathway to achieve sustainable development.

This webpage is maintained by social science oriented junior research groups supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the Program „Bioeconomy and Societal Change“. It aims at sharing research results and at informing about ongoing research activities and related events.

Latest news

  • 06.07.

    Trafobit at the „Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften“

    During the "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" on July 6th in Halle, Trafobit researcher Kers ...  more

  • 06.06.

    PhD students presented their work at IAMO research seminar

    On Wednesday the 6th of June a research seminar was organised at IAMO in Halle where Trafobi ...  more

  • 10.05.

    Bioeconomy, Bioenergy and the Dynamic of the Sugar Energy Sector in Mato Grosso do Sul

    Kristina Lorenzen introduces the research group „Bioökonomy ...  more

Latest publications

  • Land use mediated GHG emissions and spillovers from increased consumption of bioplastics

    Escobar, N., Haddad, S., Börner, J., and W. Britz. 2018. Land ...  more

  • Report on the Global Bioeconomy Summit: An Elitist Project under Exclusion of the General Public

    Tittor, A. 2018. Bericht vom Global Bioeconomy Summit: ...  more

  • Biocluster: Analyse und politische Implikationen – erste theoretische Überlegungen

    Hermans, F., Ayrapetyan, D., Kamath R. & K. Wilde. 2018. Bioc ...  more

Latest events

  • 26.-30.05.

    SETAC Europe 29th Meeting in Helsinki, Finland

    “Bio-based industries: sustainability benefits from circularity and closed-loop life cycles” Neus ... more

  • 02.-03.07.

    13th Wageningen International Conference on Chain and Network Management in Ancona, Italy

    Natalie Laibach will present her research on the 13th WICaNeM ... more

  • 21.-22.06.

    International ESCoS Conference „The economy as a spatial complex system“

    Ram Kamath gave a presentation on bioclusters as complex adaptive ... more