• 16.01.

    End of Democracy in Brazil? Causes and Consequences of the right-turn

    In January 2019, Jair Bolsonaro took office as president of Brazil. Still rather unknown 12 months ago, this politician of the far-right has managed to separate the Brazilien society even further in only a few months. Many people celebrate his victory as if Brazil had won the football World Cup. Others froze in terror when thinking of Bolsonaro’s chauvinistic paroles during his campaign and the unleashing of hate and violence against indigenous people, women, afro-brazilians, LGBTI, left-winged intelectuals and social movements. How can this right-turn of the Brazilian society be explained? Which social groups have voted for Bolsonaro and which long-lasting developments had started prior to his election? What kind of government will take over the country and what politics are to be expected? Does the election mark the end of democracy and constitutional state and give way to fascism in Brazil or can democratic forces act efficiently against these developments? 

    We want to adresse the aforementioned and other questions in a discussion with sociologists from Brazil and Germany who concern themselves intensively with the political situation of the country. The event will take place in German, Portuguese contributions will be translated. There will be an audio-recording. With Carolina Vestena, Dieter Boris, Virginia Fontes, Maria Backhouse and Guilherme Leite Gonçalves. Moderated by Kristina Lorenzen and Anne Tittor.