• 14.03.

    Five New Working Papers

    The first 5 working papers of the research group Food for Justice: Power, Politics and Food Inequalities in a Bioeconomy are out!

    In Working Paper 1 project leader Renata Motta presents the research program and objectives.
    Working Paper 2 shows results of a 2019 protest survey in Brazil on the Marcha das Margaridas movement, which focused on issues of food, social mobilization, and gender.
    Working Paper 3 analyzes results of a protest survey from 2020 on mobilization, consumption behavior and protest motivations of activists of the German food and agriculture alliance Meine Landwirtschaft at their annual protest under the slogan Wir haben es satt!
    Working Paper 4 emerged from the scenario of rising food insecurity in the Covid 19 pandemic and explores the effects of the pandemic on nutrition and food security in Brazil in 2020.
    Working Paper 5 also deals with the effects of the pandemic; based on a media analysis, the situation of migrant workers* in German agriculture in 2020 was investigated.

    All publications are available on the Food for Justice website. We appreciate your interest and hope you enjoy reading!