• 23.10.

    Helmut-Lieth Prize on Environmental Research

    Cities are actively seeking for new solutions that help them meet the needs of rising populations without compromising the environment. In this context, a number of cities worldwide are taking up the circular economy concept and are in the process of discussing, planning or implementing new strategies under this umbrella. Are the selected strategies actually environmentally friendly? How has industrial ecology research supported the understanding of their environmental effects? Dr. Anna Petit-Boix was awarded the Helmut-Lieth Prize on Environmental Research 2019 for a publication addressing these questions. The School of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Freiburg recognizes outstanding publications and the academic task conducted by early-career researchers.

    Find the paper here:
    Circular economy in cities: Reviewing how environmental research aligns with local practices

    Circulus Helmut Lieth Prize
    Photo: J├╝rgen Gocke