• 27.07.

    Initiated Cooperation for Case Study: Cardboard Packaging Solutions

    As part of conceptualizing a circular economy’s supply chains and material flows, Circulus met with Klingele Papierwerke at their headquarters in Remshalden on the 20th of July. Klingele Papierwerke will contribute to the case study with insights and data on challenges and possibilities of a sustainable circular economy in the cardboard sector.

    In line with developments towards a more bio-based economy, Klingele Papierwerke has launched a cardboard bag amongst other initiatives, aiming to meet sustainability challenges related to plastic bags in the retail industries. While the German cardboard industry’s products are generally made from 85% recycled materials, Klingele Paperwerke’s cardboard bags are 100% recycled. The necessity of packaging for many parts of our economy and the cardboard industry’s existing experiences with material loops makes cardboard packaging a relevant case study for Circulus.

    This case study aims to assess and compare the environmental impacts of cardboard packaging with other solutions, as well as to evaluate the potential to upscale the use of cardboard to a greater part of the packaging markets. A consequential life cycle analysis will help develop possible pathways and product-level solutions towards a more circular economy in the packaging sector.