• 12.05.

    Online-Workshop “Contested Society-Nature-Relations”

    on 27th-28th May 2021.

    The Junior Research Group “Mentalities in Flux” (flumen) in cooperation with the ‘Human-forest relationship in Societal Change’ – Research Project (University of Helsinki & University of Eastern Finland) organise the multidisciplinary workshop on contested society-nature-relations in order to discuss the changing relationships between individuals, society as a whole, and nature – especially forests – in times of societal change.

    Programme, registration procedure and more information can be found on the flumen website.

    Different human-forest-relationships mirror different values and attitudes of individuals and societies towards forests and various forms of forest usage and exploitation. They are subject to transformations over time, provoked for instance by global land use changes, degradation of (forest) land or the valorization of forests and their possible implications. Human-forest-relationships are an interesting matter for studying societal and political debates as well as economic and political power relations. The workshop is embedded in a research cooperation between Finnish and German-speaking researchers.

    As part of the workshop, we invite all participants and the interested public to join us for a public event in the evening of the 27th of May 2021 (in Finnish and German). Together with experts from both countries we will discuss the role of emotions and relations to forests for a sustainable future.