• 15.05.

    Presentation (in English): “The unequal appropriation of nature: Bioenergy in the Energiewende and in Germany‚Äôs emerging bioeconomy” by Samadhi Lipari

    Societies have to appropriate nature via work, language, or knowledge to secure the reproduction of their own existence. This mode of appropriation encompassing the processing, distribution, and consumption of a resource is a social process, which is permeated by transnational power relations and social inequalities. Taking these premises as a point of departure, the presentation first sketches the debate on bioenergy in the context of the Energiewende and the emerging bioeconomy in Germany. Second, it asks which actors from the bioenergy sector benefit from bioenergy-related funding. Third, the presentation explores the importance of decentralized, citizen-led energy models, given the historical role that civil society actors have played in shaping the German energy transition.

    Venue: School of Geography, Faculty of Environment, University of Leeds.